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Stone Exhaust - Valvetronic System

    Stone Exhaust Valvetronic System UK
      Plug and play OBDII connector for simple installation

        The Stone Valvetronic System was independently researched and developed in house. The system forgoes the conventional design of complicated wiring and the rubber inside the valve which is prone to aging, to ensure longevity.

        With the Valvetronic remote control providing three modes to choose from: ON / OFF / AUTO, this allows for instant switching between modes in accordance to driving conditions faced. So, let the STONE Valvetronic System adapt to your vehicle’s needs.

        The Valvetronic remote control has 3 modes, ON / OFF / AUTO, which allows you to open and close the valve at a click of a button. The Auto mode allows customization of the opening and closing of the valve at a predefined RPM.


        Stone Exhaust Valvetronic System Remote Control UK


        Genuine BMW OEM motor and connector

        The Valvetronic system utilizes genuine BMW motor and connector, to ensure a long-lasting performance in extreme driving condition. All transmission components have been designed through the CNC Process, to ensure the system is structurally sound throughout.